Our nannies are special

Finding a nanny can be tough! But we take all the fuss away:
We review, approve, run background record checks, provide certification in music and Montessori, and provide ongoing curricular support, all before the nanny steps into your home, and at no cost to you!

We match you with up to three experienced nannies

Our nannies have undergone a rigorous screening process from interviews to comprehensive background checks.

All of them are Montessori-trained with Open Door Montessori, they are trained in Fiddlefox Music and Virtualschool’s Challenge Method.

Our main focus is your child’s welfare and security, so we make sure that they receive only the best care they deserve.

More than nannies, we’re educators

We make a difference by providing a robust educational experience, with streaming music and fun movement sessions conducted daily, along with our innovative, challenge-based curriculum to cover all learning and developmental areas.

Hosting families will receive in-depth consultation with our curriculum director regarding home setup options to create the best learning environment for your child.

Montessori, music and fun Learning

All Rock and Roll NannyShare nannies are childcare professionals.

Our nannies receive training through Open Door Montessori, FiddleFox Music and Challenge Education , and have access to curricular plans, daily lessons and support to ensure a quality in-home education experience.

Monthly professional development is a requirement from all of our nannies to provide the highest level of care to each child being served.

Weekly curriculum boxes and lesson plans are expertly designed to ensure an exciting educational program for your child from the convenience of your own home.

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