Find a family pod

Like most of us with young children, you’re probably trying to balance the challenges of having small kids in the home, with the need to work.

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with sending your child to a traditional childcare center any longer.

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a nanny, but the cost of hiring one for your family were too high.

How to find a NannyShare family pod?

To help find that perfect match, we connect you with families in your area with children of a similar age.

There are also ways that you can help the process too!

1. If you have friends or neighbors nearby that are looking for an in home childcare option, talk to them about Rock and Roll NannyShare. The more families in a group, the less it costs as well, so everyone benefits!

2. Are you a part of a mom’s group, or local neighborhood Facebook group? If not, consider joining one! If you already are a member, then share Rock and Roll NannyShare with the group, and let them know that you’re forming a family podf in your area.

Often times it just takes one person to start something, and that might just be you!

We can help

NannyShare is a program that was developed from Rock and Roll Daycare. With locations in multiple states, we understand the importance of education while maintaining safety and sanitation protocols that exceed state mandates.

safety first

With Rock and Roll NannyShare, you have the benefit of working with an organization that is a leader in the early childhood industry. Working from our experience in the center based care, we’ve developed thorough policies and procedures for our nannies to keep children safe.

music to our ears

We’ve also developed a detailed lesson plan based on our proprietary music curriculum, and inspired by the Montessori method, and we purchase music and Montessori materials for your home (by the way, parents, you can use them on the weekends!).

Rock and Roll NannyShare provides what we like to call “in-home educators”, because we’re more than just a nanny service.

We offer in-home childcare with a plus: Early Childhood Education.

To begin, submit a Pre-Registration form and create a User Profile

1. Once we’ve received your pre-registration form, we will proceed to match you with a host family.

2. Confirm your group, start date, and make your first month payment.

3. Meet and Greet with the Nanny.

4. Start your NannyShare!

We’ll help take you through the process of matching with another family group, all the way through matching with a nanny.

Your process will vary slightly dependent upon whether you decide to be a host family or not (by the way, host families save up to $1,000/month!).

Share a nanny today!