Who we are

My name is Christopher Vuk, father of four incredible young children, and I am the founder of Rock and Roll Daycare.

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, I have created NannyShare together with my team in Europe to provide families within our neighboring communities with education-based home care.

As someone who experiences it in my own home with children aged 8, 6 4, and 4, I know the challenge parents face now in getting back to work, and providing not only care for their children, but a valuable education.

We can help you balance work and family life. We hope we have the opportunity to serve your family!

Our unique nanny program provides many of the same advantages you would receive in a childcare center, including daily child reports, parent-view cameras, and an educational based experience with daily music sessions, cultural lessons, and Montessori based learning.

Share a nanny today!