daily music

Children thrive through music.

cultural education

Children are ambassadors of peace in the world.

montessori inspired

A respectful learning environment encourages discovery.


Challenge Education connects with children’s inner motivation.

Have you not been able to bring your child back into center-based care?

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable for your child to return or you’re exploring new home-based options.

In response to COVID-19, Rock and Roll Daycare has created a unique home childcare experience, based on our award winning program, where we bring our music based, Montessori-inspired and challenge education program into your child’s home environment.

Streaming music lessons, the best learning resources and Montessori personalized care

Who’s up for a challenge?

Challenge lessons every day, with hands-on activities to learn about math, language, science, practical life and sensorial development.

Music and movement

Live streaming music and movement lessons!

Every day, from your home, children discover rhythm and pitch, sing and delight in appreciating music.

Montessori for everyone

Our nannies are highly trained and assessed by Open Door Montessori.

Our expert collaborators from Open Door Montessori help host homes set up an ideal learning environment.

Nannysharing is simple

Watch and see how easy it is to connect to other families:


You can choose to hire a Rock and Roll nanny for your own home, or choose to share with another family.

Connect with families

Come with a friend or find a family that matches your needs and schedule a physical meeting.

Find a nanny

Interview and choose a nanny, and schedule a virtual home check prior to the first date of care.

Begin care!

Now you can relax while your children enjoy a comprehensive music and Montessori-based education.

We’ve got you covered

Our Rock and Roll Box is delivered to your doorstep every month

Go fuss-free with our all-inclusive curricular box, including:

  • Fiddlefox Music Songbooks, Curriculum Guides and Storybooks, together with a xylophone or music kit

  • Challenge Curriculum Books with printable resources and the materials your child will need to carry out the challenges

We also provide Montessori Material Sets to create a learning environment in the home adapted to the developmental stage of your child.

Let us help you create a nurturing Montessori-inspired home where your child will thrive.

Why our nannies are different

We train our nannies to follow Dr. Montessori’s child-centered educational approach, and we help parents create a nurturing home environment.

Our culture and music curriculum teaches them about the music, traditions, geography and biodiversity of different countries around the world.

Learning becomes an adventure as they discover, solve and create with our dynamic hands-on challenges.

Young children thrive in environments where they can explore, improvise and concentrate with hands-on music play

At Rock and Roll Daycare, we’ve spent the last seven years drawing from the Montessori philosophy and developing strategies to make music fun and intuitive for young children.

Now, we are bringing it into your home


Sharing The love

Rock and Roll NannyShare connects you with families of similarly aged children.

We match you with one of our highly qualified nannies and help you create an ideal Montessori home set up, for fun and learning.

Our unique nanny program includes daily child reports, parent-view cameras, and an educational based experience with daily music sessions, cultural lessons, and Montessori-based learning.

Did we mention daily music lessons?

One music and Montessori-trained nanny will cater for 2 to 3 families to provide high quality childcare, music lessons, challenge education and a custom home set-up.

Our goal is to provide families with affordable and excellent Montessori childcare at home through our highly qualified Montessori nannies.

We also aim to create an ideal learning environment that fosters independence and growth, and provide fun and enriching learning activities that children will enjoy while receiving optimal care.

Nannysharing never sounded so good.

Countless research studies have stressed the importance that early childhood music-making has on the developing body and brain.


Who are the nannies?

Rock and Roll Daycare teachers will be provided as nannies/home educators. Once your family is matched with another family,

Rock and Roll NannyShare will provide a matching home educator for approval.

Upon reopening of Rock and Roll Daycare centers, and in the case that both center based care and nanny sharing exceed the current population of RRDC teachers, then additional caregivers will be hired to provide in-home care.

Can I share a home educator with a friend?

Absolutely! While our priority is to ensure that Rock and Roll Daycare families receive in-center or home-based care, you are welcome to have a friend join your NannyShare.

Rock and Roll NannyShare has already put together a list of everyone who has expressed interest in the NannyShare program with potential family matches based on age of children and proximity.

Can I do it on my own?

Yes! Rock and Roll NannyShare is a comprehensive educational music-based program available for children aged 0 to 6. Tell us what you need, and we can provide.

What are the safety and sanitation procedures?

Rock and Roll NannyShare will follow similar procedures as to Rock and Roll Daycare policies on diapering, eating, cleaning and sanitation. A full policy handbook will provided to parents.

How do I sign up?

Fill out our pre-registration form, and we’ll get back to you very soon.

Join a Nannyshare!

Share the music. Share the joy.